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Instructional Facility

Instructional facilities :

Our P.T.T.I. abounds in instructional facilities. The eligible and competent staffs are bubbling and eagerly waiting for providing and showering qualitative educational training to the intending students/trainees in and around our locality. Having followed the norms and standard of NCTE, the Recognizing body as well as the norms of the Affiliating body the staffs(Teaching & Non-Teaching) have been selected by the properly constituted selection committee. All the teachers including the principal are qualified as per NCTE norms and standers having good experience.

Library :

The college has a well-equipped library with having about 4100 number of Books of dramas, Novels, Biographical Books dictionaries, Juvenile literature and astronomical, physical, educational & psychological books and encyclopedias, method books. Trainees will get their books from the college library. They will also get different kinds of magazines, journals, periodicals and daily news papers(English, Bengali & Hindi). The library has a Xerox machine and a computer with internet facilities. There are also a lot of reference books. The trainees will get the privilege to use these books within the library during library hours.

Psychological Laboratory :

1. Personality Knpi (Group Verbal)
2. A) Intelligence Group Test (Performance
B) Intelligence Culture Fare Group Test
3. Int Stan Prog Matx (Group Performance)
4. Reading Motivation
5. Attitude And Interest (Group Verbal)
6. Value Scale (Personality Test)
7. RCEB Mental Health Scale
8. RCEB Student Attitude Towards Studies
9. RCEB Scale Of Motivation For Studies .
10. RCEB Personality Development Inventory
11. Value Test
12. Teaching Attitude Scale For Secondary Teachers
13. Job Satisfaction Scale For Secondary Teachers
14. Learning Stress Scale For Secondary Teachers.
15. Group Intelligence Test (Bengali Version )
16. Extra Version – Intro Version (Personality Test)
17. Emotional Instability- Adjustment
18. The Motivation In Science Questionnaire
19. Achievement Cum Diagnostic Test In Mathematics By CPSM
20. Science Talent Search Test For Student Of Vi To Ix Conducted By All India Science Teachers Association
21. Attitude Scale
22. Interest Inventory
23. Intelligent Test – Verbal & Non – Verbal
24. Picture Completion Test
25. Personality Test

Educational Technological Laboratory :

It has Software and Hardware facilities for language learning and geographical knowledge with computers, TV, Camera, Globe, Various kinds of maps (physical and political,) Weather clock, Hygrometer Barometer, Models, etc

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